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Less pain. More bliss.
In our office sessions,  at your home  or  On-Site  corporate  Chair Massage 

Davis Massage Therapy offers a range of massage therapy services to address pain, stiffness, chronic conditions, stress or your need to escape from the real world for an hour. Cathy Davis, LMT, brings over 30 years of experience to each massage session. Besides professional, effective massage, here are other options:


Manual Lymph Drainage: Using gentle, circular movements, manual lymph drainage reduces swelling and improves lymph system circulation. Ideal for: Edema, cancer swelling, post-surgery/scar tissue swelling.


Thai Stretch Massage : This over the clothing session combines a series of palm pressure, thumb/forearm pressure points and stretching for the whole body to increase overall flexibility, range of motion, and muscle soreness. Ideal for: Back issues, athletes. Cathy learned this from Thailand! 


Reflexology for Hands and/or Feet: Gentle massage and stretching for the hands and feet that correspond to different areas in the body to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the body as a whole. Ideal for: plantar fasciitis and bunions.


Neuromuscular Therapy/ Deep Tissue Massage: Relief for tight, constricted areas causing chronic pain. Ideal for: Injury relief, rehabilitation of injured areas as a result of physical activity or surgery.


Craniosacral Therapy: Relieves pain and tension by increasing the efficiency of the craniosacral fluids surrounding the skull and spine. Ideal for: migraines, whiplash, or chronic back pain.


Reiki: Using hands-on or hands-over-an-area techniques, Reiki encourages the body’s natural healing abilities by increasing energy flows to areas of physical and emotional stress. Ideal for: stress management


Relax/ Pampering Massage: Escape with aromatherapy scalp massage using lavender or lemon essential oils, warm towels and relaxing music.  Ideal for: Everything!


NEW!       Davis Massage Therapy can also come to your HOME !   

On - Site Classes- at your company, school, university or organization. Incorporate relaxation, massage, wellness, meditation, self massage or even teambuilding classes into your wellness program or as a morale booster.

Your employees will thank you!

FEE: $80 /hour, plus travel


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