5/26/21  “ Excellent, professional massage left me in no pain after my plastic surgery!  Hardly any swelling.  Bruising is way down.  After only 4 sessions I am loving Cathy’s work!”  ~ Anna 

5/21/21 “ Environment, Wait time, Quality, Customer service......Awesome massage. All of the above. Such a special experience each time I visit Cathy, “  ~Carlene   

5/19/21. “ Cathy is the BEST!  She should have those hands insured.”   ~Patricia                                 

Experienced Massage for:     

  • Chronic pain, discomfort

  • Low back & neck stiffness

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Migraines, chronic headaches

  • Plantar fasciatis

  • Athletic stiffness 

  • Manual Lymph Drainage MLD for surgery recovery, plastic surgery recovery.

How are we doing?     
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