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1/12/23 ” Honestly you gave me the best massage I have ever had.Thank You!   Warm wide padded table, warm rocks, warm towels, and effective depth & pressure helped my stiff athletic back and neck.   I will be contacting you again soon! “

1/20/23 “ I have been to many therapists for various pains. But Cathy has been the first to give me relief and relaxation.  The cupping, warm towels, warm rocks felt amazing!  Me and my wife will be back in 2 weeks!” 

1/4/23 “Thank God for you!  After liposuction surgery I could barely walk.   After seeing you I am so much better!   Taking advantage of your packages is very affordable”


Experienced Massage for:     

  • Chronic pain, discomfort

  • Low back & neck stiffness

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Migraines, chronic headaches

  • Plantar fasciatis

  • Athletic stiffness 

  • Manual Lymph Drainage MLD for surgery recovery, plastic surgery recovery.

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