5/23/20   June 1st OPEN
We are busy cleaning, sterilizing, and making sure all precautions and rules, regulations are at the highest standards.  
Your health and ours is our #1 priority.  

We ask that clients & therapist wear masks to ensure safe practices.

Precious gentle giant, Maggie,  the Great Dane gets pampering massage!   
Her owner took advantage of our special $30 for 30 minutes...learn massage from the professional.  
(I should have charged her by her weight!   120 pounds!)
Learning Advanced Thai Massage & Reflexology
December 2016 Bodies Exhibit
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Plasticied body in layers    FASCINATING!  

2/10/20 Monthly chair massage at Masterman's company. 

Employee's find their sore backs are relieved, headaches gone, improving morale, and productivity!  

DAVIS Massage Therapy 


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